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Our goal at Commonhealth Physical Therapy is to empower you to control and eliminate your pain so that you can enjoy life again!

What We Do

We get you back to work

We get you back to your family

We get you back to life

Lake Meade

Wow, I can’t believe it was that simple. With a single exercise within a week my pain was gone.  I highly recommend Nate and Commonhealth Physical Therapy.  Don’t suffer with pain.


As far as I am concerned he is amazing to say the least. Only 2 visits and I could have skipped to my car. He wants to see you functioning to your full capacity as soon as possible and feels no need to make you keep coming back.

Lake Meade

Nate made me feel as though recovery was the most important objective in his life while helping me recover from surgery. I was given one-on-one treatment each visit with step by step instruction with all exercises adjusted to make a speedy recovery.

How We Do It


Using specific movements and positions while monitoring your symptoms and motion limitations we gain insight into the cause of pain and then classify the problem. This eliminates the need for expensive procedures.

One-on-one Treatment

All treatment is done one-on-one with you. Many times we can reduce pain and restore motion with only one or two different exercises, and in fewer visits. Because of this, most patients can be taught to treat themselves – saving you money and recovery time.


By teaching you the cause of the pain and how to self-treat, we reduce your number of visits and help you prevent reoccurrence.


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