Success Stories


I am a 65yr old man that felt and moved like an 80 yr old man.  I had lower back pain.  Sometimes severe enough that I found it difficult to walk.  The pain would radiate down into my left leg.  After reviewing X-rays my doctor suggested physical therapy & made an appointment to see Nathaniel Creznic DPT. CERT. MDT.  I was skeptical at first.  I thought surgery was my only answer.  After the initial evaluation, Nate gave me just one exercise to do every two hours each day, for one week.  I followed Nate’s instructions to the letter.  My pain decreased with each day.  The second week Nate added an additional exercise which I did both faithfully.  At the end of the second week my pain was barley noticeable.  The third week Nate allowed me to decrease how often I did the exercises.  Now I continue to do the exercises twice per day which keeps me pain free.  I am thankful the physical therapy helped me to avoid surgery.
                                                                                                 – Jim,
                                                                    low back pain with pain into left leg


As far as I am concerned he is amazing to say the least. Only 2 visits and I could have skipped to my car. He wants to see you functioning to your full capacity as soon as possible and feels no need to make you keep coming back.

- Denise, Abbottstown,
left sided low back pain shooting into left thigh

Wow, I can’t believe it was that simple. With a single exercise within a week my pain was gone.  I highly recommend Nate and Commonhealth Physical Therapy.  Don’t suffer with pain.

- Steve, Lake Meade,
neck pain going into arm with numbness/tingling

Nate was so helpful and thoughtful.  He made recovery from surgery a pleasant experience.  In just 2 months after surgery I’m good to go.

- Sophie, East Berlin,
total knee replacement

Nate made me feel as though recovery was the most important objective in his life while helping me recovery from surgery.  I was given one-on-one treatment each visit with step by step instruction with all exercises adjusted to make a speedy recovery.

- Arthur, Lake Meade,
total knee replacement

I highly recommend Nate and Commonhealth Physical Therapy.  Through simple exercises and one on one treatment I am pain-free after living in constant pain for the past 4 years.  He is amazing!!

    -Robin, East Berlin
constant neck pain to both shoulders

Progressive worsening of headaches and neck pain for 12 years.  Eliminated after 1 visit.

    – Robin, East Berlin,
daily headaches, neck pain