It is often said…..
“MDT is the best system”
“How can treatment be that simple”
“MDT is the right tool for the job”

Steps to success:
1. Assessment – uses specific movements and positions while monitoring your
symptoms and motion limitations. From this we can gain insight into the
cause of pain and then classify the problem. This is then used
to guide treatment.
– Can eliminate the need for expensive procedures.
– Research has shown a good MDT assessment to be as reliable as costly imaging (xray/MRI) in determining the source of the problem.

2. Individualized Treatment  – All treatment is done 1 on 1 with you.
– Many times rapidly reduces pain and restores motion with only
1-2 exercises.
– Involves active participation
– Most patients can be taught to treat themselves
– For more difficult problems we can provide special hands on techniques to help you better respond to self treatment.

3. Prevention – By learning the cause of the pain and how to self treat you can
prevent reoccurrence and rapidly take care of it if it returns.
The likelyhood of persistent pain can be prevented through self

This is a very safe method of treatment, you will not be worse. If you do not respond to MDT within 3-5 visits we can provide more traditional methods.